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You Should Eat More Oranges

Here’s Why” titles work because you indicate a problem, inform your readers you know the reasons behind it as well as, indirectly, promise to provide solutions.

How can you use this title to your advantage? Take a look at the 5 blog post title examples below:

  • “…: Here’s Why And How To…”
  • “Stop Being…: Here’s How You Can…”
  • “…? Here’s An Answer”
  • “Here’s Why… Sucks”
  • “…: Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing”

Also, check the posts below. 

  1. Doing Nothing Is The Secret To Productivity: Here’s Why And How (read).
  2. What is a Letter of Introduction in Freelance Writing? Here’s Why it Matters (read).

Now, let’s try to create another title. This time, a “Here’s Why” title:

Idea: Oranges.

Good Title: You Should Eat More Oranges.

Great Title: You Should Eat More Oranges: Here’s Why.

Perfect Title: You Should Eat Two Oranges A Day: Here’s Why.

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