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Where To Buy A Diamond Engagement Ring

Another great way to write an eye-catching blog title is to ask your readers a question. Make them think. Spark their interest from the very beginning.

“Question?” titles bring hundreds of clicks because they make your readers involved. People will want to know the answer to a question that is provocative.

How can you put a question into your title? It’s very easy. Here are some blog post titles that work:

  • “…? These X Strategies Will Help You To…”
  • “When Should You…? Here Are…”
  • “…? Here’s Why…”
  • “…? An Inside Look At…”
  • “What Is… And What Should You…?”

Also, take a look at these few posts. What can you say about their titles? 

  1. Bored With Your Blog? These 10 Tips Will Make You Fall In Love Again (read).
  2. The Future of Freelance Writing in 2022 (Is it Dead?) (read).

Can you now make your own “Question?” title? Let’s try together!

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