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No One Will Tell You” Blog Post Titles

There is a reason why we want more and more infographics: they are fun, quick to read, and easy to remember. If your post has visual content, put it in your headline! The promise of an infographic might result in more people reading your post as well as more shares on social media.

So, why are “Infographic” blog post titles attractive?

“Infographic” titles attract more people because they promise that the content will be visual, and thus, easy to process and memorize.

Let’s take a look at three easy ways to inform your readers that there will be an infographic in the post:

  • “… (Infographic)”
  • “Fun Infographic About…”
  • “Infographic: …”

Also, check out the blog posts below. How many shares did they get?

  1. Infographic: The Best Careers For Introverts And Extroverts (read).
  2. Email Marketing and Why it’s So Important [Infographic] (read).

As you can see, putting “infographic” into your title is very easy and promises a lot of social media shares. Thus, use this strategy if you have a wonderful visual content to share with your readers!

Idea: Cat Grooming.

Good Title: How To Groom Your Cat.

Great Title: How I Groom My Cat: Infographic.

Perfect Title: How I Groom My Cat: A Funny Infographic For Cat Lovers.

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