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Infographic: The Best Careers For Introverts And Extroverts

If you take a look at high authority websites, you’ll notice that quite often they publish posts with a keyword in the headline. Why? 

“Keyword” titles are eye-catching because they feature a trigger word or phrase that sparks interest. They also either pose a question or offer more information about a topic, thus, they are educative and helpful.

When creating this title, you can be very creative!

It’s great for combining a few title examples in one. For example, “Keyword” + “Question?” title or “Keyword” + “Everything You Need To Know” title. 

  • “…: An Eye-Opening Guide”
  • “…: Should You… Or…?”
  • “…: X Strategies On How To…”
  • “…: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t…”
  • “…: Mistakes To Avoid When…”

Also, check the posts below. Are the trigger words in the titles challenging?

  1. Video Marketing: The Definitive Guide (read).
  2. Writers: You Don’t Have To Starve (If You Do This) (read).

Let’s now brainstorm for an idea and write our own “Keyword” blog title. What would you say for Swiss watches?

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