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Content Marketing Vs. Native Advertising: What’s A Better Value?

The last title we’re going to discuss is “The Simple” title. Doesn’t it speak for itself? Simple title, simple ideas, simple solutions, simple remedies… Doesn’t the promise of being simple encourage you to read the post?

“The Simple” title is eye-catching because of the word “simple” which promises that in the article you’ll find ideas or solutions to your problems that are NOT complicated, hard to understand, or difficult to do.

Check some of the creative varieties of “The Simple” blog post title:

  • “The Simple X-Step Guide To…”
  • “The Simple Solution To…”
  • “… Made Simple: X Steps To…”
  • “X Simple Tactics That’ll…”
  • “A Simple… Strategy For…”

Also, take a look at these three articles. Do they promise help? How many shares do they have?

  1. The Simple 4 Step System for Rocking All of Your Goals (read).
  2. Your Simple (Yes, Simple) Guide To Quantum Entanglement (read).

Now, let’s once again create our own special title. 

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